Awakening into Presence - Returning Home
A 4-day Residential Retreat with
Leonard Jacobson
Mount Madonna, CA
March 30, 2022

Please note this retreat is now cancelled.

Mount Madonna Hiking

The Retreat

Leonard Speaking

Join Leonard Jacobson on this 4-day residential retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Leonard teaches how to be present and become a master of the mind and ego, which are fundamental keys to true awakening and will enhance every aspect of your life and relationships.

Over the course of this retreat, participants will experience the deepest levels of Presence and Oneness.

The energy of love, acceptance and compassion generated within the group creates a perfect environment for healing and releasing the past.

There will be opportunity for personal guidance from Leonard, as well as individual time for silence and reflection.

The primary focus is always upon being present and deepening into Presence.

Leonard Speaking

Retreat sessions are incredibly dynamic, great fun, deeply healing and a life changing opportunity to awaken.

Leonard shares clear guidance and inspiration to anyone genuinely interested in liberating themselves from a painful and limited past and awakening more fully into the present moment.

Experience a more silent mind

Feel more restful, calmer and peaceful

Heal and release limiting beliefs and repressed emotions of the past

Learn to express yourself more fully and authentically

Open into deeper levels of Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Oneness

Learn how to live an awakened life, where the present moment is the very foundation.

Know yourself as the one who exists in the moment of NOW, and only in the moment of now. This is the truth of who you are. And your life will be transformed.

Hands Raised

The Venue

Meditating in Forest and Tent

Mount Madonna is a residential conference and retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains, Northern California.

The Center is set on 355 acres of mountaintop redwood forest and grassland overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay.

The redwood forest is pure majestic beauty and a hike through the thick canopy is as if you are entering a sacred cathedral. It is a perfect setting for a retreat with Leonard.

Participants can choose from a range of housing options – from camping or cabins in the forest, to hotel-style rooms in the conference center.

Accommodations include 3 vegetarian meals per day. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options are also catered for.

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"Being in the presence of Leonard at the Mt Madonna retreats is truly a gift from God. Thank you Leonard for demonstrating and sharing moment to moment the state of being in the godliness dimension. Thank you for your guidance to remaining there. And thank you for sharing your human-ness as it arises. As they say: walking your talk. How refreshing. How real. How I wish words were sufficient to express this. And most incredible of all is your guidance of how the present moment is always available to us. Life does unfold as a "retreat" simply by remembering the simple ways you share and my heart is filled with gratitude each moment I am present! You are an AWESOME teacher and friend." - F.S., Michigan

"We're just back from yet another amazing retreat at Mt. Madonna with Leonard, a true teacher. The love, the breakthroughs, the laughs, the cries, the openness, the trust, the ah-hah's, all facilitated by Leonard's deep Presence and his masterful way of finding what will bring each of us into This Moment. Thank you Leonard!" - HM, Santa Cruz

"Just returned from the most fabulous retreat at Mount Madonna with Leonard Jacobson. Leonard is the REAL DEAL Teacher. I have been on my own Spiritual Path for 25 years and I have found the Path that can truly help me in the most practical way....The art of being and STAYING Present. Leonard is ALL LOVE but tells it like it is and what you really need to hear. He is FABULOUS. I went on this retreat with my brother, and it was a life changing event for both of us. I will be going to his next retreat." - MA

"Leonard is truly a Master Healer all through Presence. Watching him directly, honestly yet tenderly address the "wounded child" in us all was absolutely surgical in its approach. Attending his retreat brought greater depth and experience for my journey into and residing in Presence. Although I previously got a lot of teaching from his videos and lectures there is nothing to compare to actually being there in person. It's the difference between watching someone ski and actually skiing yourself! Leonard, in person, is a life-changing experience and teaching. My humblest praise goes to him. I cannot wait for his next retreat. I shall be there front and center. Thank You so very much Leonard and Mary." - HM, USA

"Being on retreat with Leonard has been a deep, life-changing experience for me. As soon as I found the courage to throw myself into the fire, I was met with the most loving and brilliant guidance. And joyful, beautiful healing followed. What had been unconsciously blocking and scaring me for lifetimes, was released in minutes! Leonard's teaching, his ability to simplify and make clear what mind and ego makes complicated, his sharp seeing of ones own readiness and his never wavering commitment to truth, to our awakening, has brought deep trust into my life. Trust in Presence. I am so fortunate to have had my prayer for a true teacher answered! I am forever deeply grateful for that. " - K, Denmark

Please enjoy this video of the closing minutes of the 2018 retreat.
It will give you a sense of the level of Presence, love and joy that participants
experience at Leonard's retreats.

Madonna Video