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Question 42

I'm reading your book, Journey into Now, and I come across the phrase "truth of life" often. I'm not sure what you mean by this and I didn't see a glossary. Can you specifically define what you mean by "truth of life"? u also speak of the Creator and the Creation. Please clarify.


When I speak of the truth of life, I am speaking of the only life that is really available to you, which is life lived in the present moment. When you are in the mind, you are in the past or future. It is a world of thought, memory and imagination. It is a world of concept, idea, opinion and belief. The mind allows you to participate in time. It gives you a sense of life outside of this moment. It gives you a sense of yourself outside of this moment, but it is all an illusion. In truth, there is no life outside of this moment and you cannot exist outside of this moment. To realize this is to awaken.

You cannot know what I am speaking of with the mind. The awakened state is transcendent of the thinking, understanding mind. The truth of life is revealed as you become so fully present that your thoughts stop. In the awakened state, you are present with what is here now. Your past is not intruding to distort your experience of the present moment. You are not lost in some imagined future. You are not limited by your thoughts, ideas, opinions, concepts and beliefs.

As you deepen into Presence, Oneness is revealed. You open into the sacredness of life.

There is nothing wrong with the past and future world of the mind. Even as you awaken, the past and future remain available to you. You enter that world simply by thinking your way into it, but if you are fundamentally established in Presence, then you no longer get absorbed into illusion. You do not venture so far into thought that you become lost in that world. You know that only this moment is the truth of life and every fiber of your Being honors that truth, simply by being present.

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