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Question 43

In your latest book, you say that there is a fundamental choice available to us. Either we are fully present in the NOW (Heaven) or we are in the mind (Hell). Do 'we' have a choice, or is it destiny? Advaita says there is no choice because there is no 'you' present.


You ask, do we have a choice, or it destiny? In the context of your awakening, both are true! It is your ultimate destiny to awaken fully into Oneness and the truth of life. But when that will occur depends upon the choices you make. Your choices can lead you into Oneness, or they can lead you further into separation and illusion.

You might also ask "Who is choosing?" That depends. It can be your ego which chooses, which will keep you in the separation, or it can be some deeper dimension of you, which at some very subtle level, remembers the Oneness and longs for it. A choice made from this longing will lead you home.

When Advaita says that there is no choice, because there is no you, my question is "Who is saying that? Who is aware of that."

Of course, when you are fully present, in any given moment, then your mind is silent. There are no thoughts. All spiritual concepts dissolve. There is no doer and there is no choice. But there is no Advaita. There is no Ramana. There is no past or future. There is no opinion. There is no understanding. There is no agreement, or disagreement. There just is!

Is this the ultimate state of awakening? If so, I would ask, "Who thinks so?" Is this the state you desire? If so, I would ask, "Who desires that?" In true awakening, all spiritual opinions, concepts and understanding dissolve. Ultimately, we are left with that ancient expression, "Neither this nor that!"

And beyond that, nothing!

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