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Question 44

Who is your God , or what God do you believe in?


When I speak of God, I am not speaking of a God that people believe in. To believe in God is an obstacle to knowing God. When we believe in God, we are creating God in our image. It is an illusion, which we create within our minds to help us escape fear and the pain of living in a world of separation.

The God that I am speaking of is of the mystery.

God is One.

God is the One in the all.

God is eternal Is-ness.

God exists eternally as all that is.

Everything is God. Nothing is God.

And beyond everything and nothing, I am and God is.

Infinite silence!

Pure consciousness!

The source from which everything arises, and into which everything returns.

I am speaking as a mystic.

You cannot know God with the mind, and yet you can experience God from within the mystery.

God is real. God is here now. God is ever present. But we are not. We have gone too far into the mind, with our never ending thoughts, and now we are lost there. We have abandoned the present moment for a remembered past and an imagined future. We have abandoned truth for our opinions, ideas, concepts and beliefs.

If we want to experience God, we will have to come to where God is. We will have to bring ourselves fully present. And as we deepen into Presence, we will begin to encounter the living Presence of God in all things present. God and the present moment are one and the same. The present moment is God revealed.

As we deepen into Presence, we will experience Oneness. At the deepest levels of Presence, God and Heaven on Earth will be revealed.

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