A Personal Message

Welcome to my web site. I hope your visit here will prove to be both enjoyable and enlightening. Please allow me to share with you something about myself.

In 1981, I experienced a powerful and spontaneous spiritual awakening, which profoundly altered my perception of life, truth and reality. Oneness, God and Heaven on Earth were revealed to me.

As a result, I found myself opening to a level of freedom, love and truth, which I had not known before. Patterns of fear, hurt, anger, unworthiness and isolation, which I had acquired in early childhood, dissolved as I opened up into the truth of life

That first awakening was followed by a series of even deeper awakenings, which have occured about every three years. Each of these awakenings took me into multi-dimensional levels of consciousness, revealing profound insights about the nature of the human condition. Many of the keys to spiritual awakenings were also revealed, including the hidden key to liberation from the limited world of the human thinking mind into the infinite world of NOW.

I feel extremely blessed to have been able to share with others what I have learned as a result of my own awakening. I am constantly amazed at the level of truth, love and wisdom just waiting to emerge from each person given the right opportunity and the right guidance.

The world is entering a new stage of evolution. Never before has there been such an opportunity for the awakening of human consciousness at a collective level. But collective awakening occurs at the individual level. Each one of us must make the most of this opportunity. It IS possible to awaken NOW! It is possible to complete your soul's journey in this lifetime.