We are thrilled to announce the launch of Leonard's new Awaken Now app and you are invited
to join this vibrant, online conscious community!


The Awaken Now App is designed to support you on your journey of Awakening, by providing an online platform with direct access to Leonard's simple, yet profound teachings on the transformative power of Presence and Mastery of the mind and ego.

Download On The App Store
Download On The App Store

Connect to an active and engaging conscious community
with groups, postings, notifications, friends and messaging.

Each month brings livestream sessions with Leonard and exclusive new audio and video content, including meditations, all collated in an easy to access menu to provide clear guidance on the path of Awakening.

Subscribing Members benefit from

  • Livestream teachings with Leonard
  • Connection to a welcoming and supportive online conscious community
  • Meditations to sooth, inspire and guide you into deeper levels of consciousness
  • Unlimited access to a wide collection of resources to support your deepening in Presence and development of Mastery of the mind and ego
  • Monthly updates to articles, and exclusive video and audio content
    from teaching sessions and retreats
  • Additional sessions and courses

The Awaken Now app has all the tools you need to deepen in Presence
and transform every aspect of your life and relationships.

  • Become fundamentally grounded in the present moment
  • Heal and release limiting beliefs from the past
  • Liberate reservoirs of repressed emotions that you have been carrying unconsciously and living with all of your life
  • Come into right relationship with the ego, so that it is no longer involuntarily pulling you out of Presence
  • Come into right relationship with the inner child so you can come out of the child's story, and the child can relax and feel safe
  • Feel more empowered and express yourself more fully and authentically

The cost of a subscription is US$9.99 per month or US$99.99 per year.

Download now from the Apple store or Google Play store then register
and subscribe with a free 3-day trial.

PLEASE NOTE: The Conscious Living Foundation is a non-profit organization. In setting the price of subscription we have endeavored to find a balance between meeting the costs of delivering this service, and making it accessible to all. We also recognize that some are experiencing extreme financial hardship and if you cannot meet this cost, we ask that you contact us personally to apply for a scholarship.

If you have the means to do so, we welcome you to 'Buy One, Donate One''Buy One, Donate One' subscription to support and contribute to this growing community.

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"This is way better than any social media out there. Guaranteed best content and sweetest people." J.H.

"So happy to have this resource for Leonard's teachings and the connection with the presence community, thank you." L.S.

"I love this app! A great way to stay engaged with Leonard and the conscious living community. Watch full length videos of his webcasts, watch shorter videos on various topics, listen to Leonard’s meditations, get first-hand notifications on livestream events, and much more. I’m so glad to be a part of this community and have this app on my phone." D.J.K.

"I am so glad that you made the best decision to do this. It is a beautifully designed app." G.B.

"Blessed to be on the Awaken Now app. Any time I need to re-member to be present, or I'm not quite in right relationship with my ego, help is a click of a button away." Y.A.

"This is a welcome new ally in my spiritual journey. I have followed Leonard Jacobson and his teachings for at least a decade now online. This makes me feel closer to the teachings and the community & Leonard himself. I think it’s a wonderful new way to nourish presence." M.F.H.

"Now more than ever!! Try it and wake up!" S.D.J

"Thank you for creating this. I am so excited to deepen in presence and connect more with everyone!" C.H.

Download On The App Store
Download On The App Store