Private Sessions

A private session with Leonard, whether in person or by Skype or telephone, is always deeply healing and enlightening.

In a session, you might find yourself:

  • Being guided into a state of fully awakened Presence
  • Healing wounds from your childhood
  • Releasing repressed emotions
  • Overcoming blame and guilt
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Improving your relationships with your loved ones
  • Resolving areas of conflict or confusion in your life
  • Healing past life issues
  • Learning the soul's lessons
  • Or clearing out energy that does not belong to you

During a session, Leonard will guide you into the deepest levels of awakened Presence, where you will experience a dimension of yourself which is already whole and complete and is free of all the pain and limitations of the past. To experience this dimension of your Self, even for a few minutes, is life transforming.

Leonard offers the clearest possible guidance for those on a spiritual path of awakening. He has a remarkable ability to tune into each person's needs and gently guide them through a process of healing and release into wholeness, integration and the awakened state of Being. He places much importance on taking responsibility for yourself and he encourages and supports you to learn the lessons that your current life experiences are reealing to you.

Leonard always begins a session with the words, "What brings you to this session?" What follows is spontaneous, deeply healing, and will change your life forever.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for a private session with Leonard, please email Leonard. A private session in person, on the telephone, or via Skype lasts for 50 minutes. If you would like a MP3 recording of the session, please request this at the time of making your appointment.