Webcast Testimonials

Dear Leonard, I wanted to write to you from my heart and to express that your words are so powerful, like seeds that get planted and are waiting to sprout and grow at the right time. I’m so grateful for you and I feel I’m really living the teaching more and more each day, learning, exploring and growing step by step. Thank you for being so kind and supporting me through some very challenging and difficult times! Almost every LJ video I watch lately, I can’t stop crying when I hear you speak the divine words as I hear them like I’ve never heard them before. You are so wise and the most beautiful teacher on this planet, really really the best! I’m feeling so blessed that I have met you. I hope you will live a very healthy long life filled with light and much love and that we, your students could have many more retreats and meetings with you in this lifetime. I wish to live as the bright light and the unconditional love that I am upon this planet and to spread it and help to heal this planet. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for showing me the way!  Neeti, Perth, Western Australia

Dear Leonard and Mary, What a beautiful webcast today. Thank you so much for this experience. Today in particular felt very sacred and I am so grateful to you for your teachings.
– Jane, Brisbane, Australia

Leonard, thank you for your eloquent answer to my question about Advaita. What you said about illusion was exactly what I wanted to know. I felt totally unified with you during your whole webcast. Everything you said is totally TRUE for me. How grateful I am that my life coincided with yours. What a great gift of Beauty, Truth and Love.
– Caroline, Ventura, CA

Leonard and Mary, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for you both. I Love you both.
– Knud, Denmark

Leonard, there really are no words to express my gratitude for your wisdom! You speak the truth in a way that takes me to a very deep space, and today especially I am feeling such gratitude because I am having surgery tomorrow morning and after watching you, I am feeling so present and am able to embrace my vulnerability.
– Kathy, Cincinattie, Ohio

Dear Leonard and Mary, I love watching your webcast in front of my computer. Thank you so much for your profound teaching and your simple and warm presence. I feel content, full and peaceful.
– Yuki, Tokyo, Japan

As always, it (the webcast) was exactly what I needed to hear. It is always refreshing and a great reminder. I appreciate your work very much, and I am grateful to be able to watch and listen from a thousand miles away.
– Rika, Kawasaki, Japan

It is a very pleasure to participate/view Leonard's webcasts. The more I hear Leonard's teachings, the more I feel that what he shares with us is exactly what Buddha told us 2,500 years ago. But I think Leonard's way of teaching is easier to understand and accept, especially in the Western world
– Elaine, Bel Air, MD

Thanks Leonard for sharing your life & your teaching so clearly. Thanks Mary for your beauty & loving, powerful support for Leonard & your example in wakeful living.
– DeRay, Mt. Shasta, CA

Leonard, Thank You for what you do and how easily I hear the words you speak. I wasn't looking for you. I have never heard of you before. I have been on this truth path for 30 years. One day searched YouTube with the word "ego". Any way, you came up on YouTube. After you said three words I said Thank God!!! Where else is there to search? What important information you share with the world.
– Jody, Boca Raton, FL