Webcast Testimonials

Dear Leonard and Mary, What a beautiful webcast today. Thank you so much for this experience. Today in particular felt very sacred and I am so grateful to you for your teachings.
– Jane, Brisbane, Australia

Leonard, thank you for your eloquent answer to my question about Advaita. What you said about illusion was exactly what I wanted to know. I felt totally unified with you during your whole webcast. Everything you said is totally TRUE for me. How grateful I am that my life coincided with yours. What a great gift of Beauty, Truth and Love.
– Caroline, Ventura, CA

Leonard and Mary, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for you both. I Love you both.
– Knud, Denmark

Leonard, there really are no words to express my gratitude for your wisdom! You speak the truth in a way that takes me to a very deep space, and today especially I am feeling such gratitude because I am having surgery tomorrow morning and after watching you, I am feeling so present and am able to embrace my vulnerability.
– Kathy, Cincinattie, Ohio

Dear Leonard and Mary, I love watching your webcast in front of my computer. Thank you so much for your profound teaching and your simple and warm presence. I feel content, full and peaceful.
– Yuki, Tokyo, Japan

As always, it (the webcast) was exactly what I needed to hear. It is always refreshing and a great reminder. I appreciate your work very much, and I am grateful to be able to watch and listen from a thousand miles away.
– Rika, Kawasaki, Japan

It is a very pleasure to participate/view Leonard's webcasts. The more I hear Leonard's teachings, the more I feel that what he shares with us is exactly what Buddha told us 2,500 years ago. But I think Leonard's way of teaching is easier to understand and accept, especially in the Western world
– Elaine, Bel Air, MD

Thanks Leonard for sharing your life & your teaching so clearly. Thanks Mary for your beauty & loving, powerful support for Leonard & your example in wakeful living.
– DeRay, Mt. Shasta, CA

Leonard, Thank You for what you do and how easily I hear the words you speak. I wasn't looking for you. I have never heard of you before. I have been on this truth path for 30 years. One day searched YouTube with the word "ego". Any way, you came up on YouTube. After you said three words I said Thank God!!! Where else is there to search? What important information you share with the world.
– Jody, Boca Raton, FL