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The Simplicity of Being


  • Each video reveals new, surprising and subtle keys to awakening and help you to recognize and overcome the hidden obstacles to awakening.
  • Many of these videos contain amazing healings that will touch you deeply and guide you in your own healing and release of the past, which will enable you to settle more deeply into the present moment.
  • These videos are filled with compassion, love, laughter, joy and a profound sense of Presence and Oneness.
  • When you view these videos, you will feel like you are at the retreat.

Mt Madonna Retreat 2009 -
The Simplicity of Being

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Video content

Part 1: Wednesday Evening Opening ~ 66 minutes

Topics include:
  • When you are present, you are a fully awakened being
  • There is nothing wrong with thinking
  • Two possibilities: being present or caught in the mind
  • Liberation from identification with your story
  • The truth is within you
  • Free will and the choice to awaken
  • When you are present thoughts stop
  • Pure consciousness
  • Conscious movement
  • Revealing your story
  • No one is present
  • The master lesson
  • Deepening in Presence
  • Guidelines for participation at the retreat

Part 2: Thursday Morning ~ 80 minutes

Topics include:
  • In the moment there is no “Next”
  • All that you will ever evolve into is already here
  • Presence limited to this moment
  • Loving and accepting of our humanness
  • Origins of judgment
  • God as everything and nothing
  • Finding our way out of judgment
  • The ego keeps you in judgment
  • True nature of love
  • The Kleenex box
  • Human unconsciousness and suffering
  • Not wanting to be here
  • Manifestation of the formless into form
  • From Heaven to Heaven-on-Earth
  • Finding the right question
  • Presence - the shelter from the storm
  • Be a disciple to the present moment
  • Everything outside of this moment is illusion

Part 3: Thursday Afternoon ~ 82 minutes

Topics include:
  • Not wanting to be here
  • Willing to be here
  • The invitation into the present moment
  • Beyond everything and nothing, I am
  • Ego’s attempt to avoid silence
  • What calls us to awaken?
  • Recognizing truth through intelligence
  • Dialogue with the ego
  • Judgment keeps us in separation
  • Ego is our protector in an unconscious world
  • Gratitude and true power
  • Nothingness
  • Simplicity of being here
  • Longing for God
  • God is this moment revealed
  • God is impersonal, unknowable with the human mind
  • True meaning of the teachings of Jesus
  • I am here to reflect to you who you are
  • The way of awakening

Part 4: Thursday Evening - 92 minutes

Topics include:
  • Gentle remembering
  • True answers arise from silence
  • Revealing who we have become
  • Rejection and judgment
  • Healing the past through Presence
  • The present moment is the doorway
  • Intelligence is an inherent quality of Presence
  • The ego’s role in an unconscious world
  • Presence protects your boundaries
  • Turn the other cheek
  • Prayer to heal boundaries
  • Relating to people caught in the mind and ego
  • Lost in a complex mind
  • Speaking the truth
  • Has anything ever happened?
  • Making peace with the ego?
  • Clear distinction between you in Presence and your ego
  • The true master
  • Stop trying to fit into an unconscious world
  • Knowing arises from Presence
  • What do you have to offer the present moment?
  • What calls us to awaken?
  • The pathless path

Part 5: Friday Morning ~ 74 minutes

Topics include:
  • Lost in false power
  • True Power
  • Balance in duality
  • Not knowing who I am in Presence
  • Unconscious humans are out of synch with nature
  • Coming into the new world
  • Ripples of light
  • Presence as your first priority
  • The True Master
  • Childhood patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Thinking as a strategy of escape
  • Flight or fight response
  • Seeking acceptance

Part 6: Friday Afternoon ~ 66 minutes

Topics include:
  • Feeling unloved
  • Male attitude toward sex
  • One by one we awaken
  • Deepening in Presence
  • Being present in the world
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Expressing as love
  • Presence as first priority
  • Expressions of gratitude, shared in many languages
  • Walking in Presence, eating in Presence

Part 7: Friday Evening ~ 40 minutes

Topics include:
  • As Presence deepens we experience Oneness
  • Fear of judgment
  • Giving away your power
  • Seeking substitute needs
  • Ego’s fear of being annihilated
  • Dialogue with the ego
  • The ego’s role and dilemma
  • Ego gently surrenders to the Inner Master
  • Expressions of love and gratitude

Part 8: Saturday Morning ~ 79 minutes

Topics include:
  • Deepening levels of Presence
  • Invitation to be present
  • The I am of you
  • What have you accumulated?
  • Releasing responsibility for others
  • Asking for what you need
  • Everything and nothing
  • Confess every aspect of who you have become
  • Repressed feelings of abandonment
  • Rejecting God as nothing
  • Life is a mirror
  • Buddha and conscious movement

Part 9: Saturday Afternoon - 87 minutes

Topics include:
  • Clarifying conscious and unconscious thinking
  • Silence in every realm and dimension
  • Pain and anger
  • Experience of eternal silence
  • Words point to a deeper truth
  • Headache and feelings
  • Awakening is a gradual process
  • Embracing the way of awakening

Part 10: Saturday Evening - 83 minutes

Topics include:
  • Embracing true responsibility
  • Relax into Presence
  • Mind is an instrument of expression
  • Make Presence your first priority
  • Sharing love and gratitude
  • Physical sensations in the body
  • Being present as service to God
  • The way of awakening
  • Liberating limiting childhood beliefs
  • Presence is an embodied state
  • Freeing ourselves from identification with the story
  • Confession
  • Conscious relationships
  • Reservoirs of repressed emotions
  • Living in an unconscious world
  • Sharing Presence with others
  • A gentle awareness
  • Experiencing deep states of Presence
  • Relaxing into Being
  • Seeing into other dimensions
  • Mind commenting on Presence

Part 11: Sunday Morning Closure ~ 74 minutes

Topics include:
  • Expressions of love and gratitude
  • “Yay, Yay” or “Nay, Nay”
  • No pressure to awaken
  • Leonard thanks Mary and the staff
  • Waves arising from the ocean
  • Being utterly present
  • Closing of the retreat