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Awaken Now


  • Each video reveals new, surprising and subtle keys to awakening and help you to recognize and overcome the hidden obstacles to awakening.
  • Many of these videos contain amazing healings that will touch you deeply and guide you in your own healing and release of the past, which will enable you to settle more deeply into the present moment.
  • These videos are filled with compassion, love, laughter, joy and a profound sense of Presence and Oneness.
  • When you view these videos, you will feel like you are at the retreat.

Mt Madonna Retreat 2013 -
Awaken Now

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Video content

Part 1: Wednesday Evening, the beginning of the retreat - 82 minutes

  • Retreat introduction
  • Being present is simple
  • The awakening process
  • About the retreat
  • The true path of Presence
  • Seeing through the tricks of the ego
  • Elements of control
  • Accepting others for who they are
  • Presence and judgment
  • More about the retreat
  • Key elements of the retreat
  • What do you hope to get out of this retreat?
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • Being present
  • The gift of Presence

Part 2: Thursday Session 1 - 74 minutes

  • After the morning meditation …sharing
  • Liberating anger
  • Liberating repressed feelings
  • Presence is a safe environment
  • Expressing ourselves freely
  • Thinking consciously
  • Responding to feelings in the moment
  • Anger’s message
  • Witnessing the ego from Presence
  • Liberating yourself and being all that you are
  • The pursuit of substitute needs
  • The distinction between awakened Presence and mind/ego
  • Everyone is capable of helping themselves
  • Owning the need to be seen by others
  • Having the courage to be the only one present
  • The turnaround for humanity

Part 3: Thursday Session 2 - 81 minutes

  • Bringing the story to consciousness
  • The source of all cruelty and abuse
  • Coming out of hiding
  • I love you because I am love
  • Jesus’ true message and his true sacrifice
  • The point of our journey
  • Attunement into Presence
  • Becoming deeply established in Presence
  • Liberation from the cycle of abuse
  • True repentance
  • Checking out your inner environment
  • The return to Oneness
  • Transcending judgment
  • There’s always something to be present with

Part 4: Thursday Session 3 - 48 minutes

  • The art of being present
  • In Presence, you are a very conscious Being
  • In Presence, you don’t know who you are
  • We don’t want to let go of the story
  • Accepting God as everything and God as nothing
  • The source of the light
  • How we lose ourselves in others
  • Disentangling ourselves from others
  • I am full of nothing
  • Sharing words into the mystery

Part 5: Friday Session 1 - 81 minutes

  • After the morning meditation …sharing
  • The choice at the heart of freewill
  • Motivational strategies of the ego
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • Feeling gratitude towards the ego
  • Inquiring into why life feels unsafe
  • Now is the time to awaken
  • Hurt and pain keep you locked in your story
  • Releasing hurt through forgiveness
  • Coming into alignment with the truth
  • Relaxing into Presence
  • Instructions for a lunchtime journey in Presence

Part 6: Friday Session 2 - 41 minutes

  • Sharing after a lunchtime journey in Presence…
  • Presence and creative expression
  • A tiny cloud in a vast blue sky
  • Recalling who we were as innocent children
  • The gift of Presence
  • Experiencing different levels of Presence
  • Right relationship with fear and anxiety
  • Being present with pain
  • Liberating repressed feelings
  • Reclaiming unfulfilled needs from childhood

Part 7: Friday Session 3 - 43 minutes

  • Taking responsibility for your feelings
  • Vibrating between “I am” and “God is”
  • Being your own best friend
  • Pure consciousness

Part 8: Saturday Session 1 - 68 minutes

  • After the morning meditation …sharing
  • Reasons why we choose to remain in our stories
  • Presence will transform your story for the better
  • Reconciling the belief, “I don’t have a right to be here”
  • We live in a classroom of duality
  • Your story is designed to awaken you
  • Presence, mastery, expression and play
  • Waking up is not serious
  • God wants empowered Beings of love
  • Waking up out of the story
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Experiencing Oneness

Part 9: Saturday Session 2 - 46 minutes

  • Identifying your fears
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Sharing after an exercise in Presence …Bowing in circles
  • Accepting who you are in your story
  • Anger is an unproductive energy
  • There is only this moment
  • The best words to share Presence are, “Ah, This”
  • The problem with wanting to fix others
  • Identifying what pulls you out of Presence
  • The covenant between God and Abraham

Part 10: Saturday Session 3 - 31 minutes

  • The unfolding of your true future
  • Become a disciple of the present moment
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Being present with feelings that arise
  • Making a subtle shift into Presence
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Sharing after a Presence exercise …Bowing in circles

Part 11: Sunday Morning - The end of the retreat - 54 minutes

  • Expressions of gratitude towards Leonard
  • What goes with you after this lifetime
  • Co-creating with God
  • The price of freedom
  • Leonard thanks Mary
  • Instructions for the “Presence partners” exercise
  • Every moment is an opportunity for mastery
  • Leonard thanks the group and his support team
  • Hugs and goodbyes (A must see to appreciate the level of love, generosity and gratitude that exists at the end of a retreat with Leonard)