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Heaven on Earth Revealed


  • Each video reveals new, surprising and subtle keys to awakening and help you to recognize and overcome the hidden obstacles to awakening.
  • Many of these videos contain amazing healings that will touch you deeply and guide you in your own healing and release of the past, which will enable you to settle more deeply into the present moment.
  • These videos are filled with compassion, love, laughter, joy and a profound sense of Presence and Oneness.
  • When you view these videos, you will feel like you are at the retreat.

Mt Madonna Retreat 2015 -
Awaken Now

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Video content

Part 1: Wednesday Evening, 79 minutes

  • When truly present, you are a fully awakened being
  • In the mind we live in separate worlds
  • Now you’re Here
  • Gratitude for being here
  • Speaking from Presence
  • What do you really want from the retreat
  • The master lesson
  • Not one thought we have is true
  • Arise as a master of your mind and ego
  • The key to being present
  • Attunement to Presence
  • The present moment is allowing
  • A Prayer for the retreat

Part 2: Thursday Morning, 103 minutes

  • No one is present
  • Caught in the story
  • The story is designed to eject you
  • God is all that is
  • Death meditation
  • Priority given to Presence
  • Fear of love
  • Ego’s resistance to Presence
  • The true master
  • From Nowhere to Now-Here
  • The ego’s tricks and inner conflict
  • Shame and responsibility
  • Childhood relationship with mother
  • Freeing yourself from judgment
  • Lost in love
  • There is only one story
  • Caught in false power
  • What do I mean by God
  • Personal relationship with God

Part 3: Thursday Afternoon, 92 minutes

  • Death and rebirth
  • Dealing with life issues
  • Right relationship with feelings
  • No opinion, thought or belief is true
  • Finding your way out of the illusion
  • True power
  • The Power Cards
  • Liberating repressed anger
  • Escaping pain through addiction
  • Unraveling the mystery of our existence
  • Our need to avoid difficult feelings
  • Fight or flight
  • Bringing the story to consciousness
  • Expression of anger towards father
  • Difficulty trusting men
  • Lessons around control
  • Love and abandonment
  • Fear of nothingness

Part 4: Thursday Evening, 57 minutes

  • Taking responsibility for others
  • Deepening in Presence
  • Meditation on opening into Love and Oneness
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Accepting aloneness
  • Imprisoned within the story
  • Nurturing the inner child
  • Coming home is the same as being present
  • Gratitude and prayer
  • Right relationship with the inner child

Part 5: Friday Morning, 53 minutes

  • Right relationship with pain
  • Dialogue with the ego
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • How we can create our pain and conflict
  • Challenges on the journey of awakening
  • Our true home
  • Substitute needs
  • Our true and original need
  • Belief in lack
  • The abundance of the present moment

Part 6: Friday Afternoon, 52 minutes

  • From my truth to the truth
  • Meditation, Coming home through the doorway of the present moment
  • Presence - the end of the road
  • Feeling God’s love within
  • Coming into the present moment
  • Redeeming Oneness, Revealing Heaven on Earth
  • The Truth abides within
  • Empowering the inner child
  • Resistance to letting go
  • A gradual awakening

Part 7: Friday Evening, 65 minutes

  • Seeking love and approval
  • Begging for love
  • Healing repressed anger and hurt
  • The original need
  • Expression of gratitude
  • Giving away your power
  • Review of the two-step path of awakening
  • Presence as the first priority in your life
  • The story of Abraham
  • Being yourself
  • Accepting the present moment as it is

Part 8: Saturday Morning, 58 minutes

  • Creativity arising from silence
  • Expressions of Gratitude
  • Creating your own suffering
  • Taking responsibility for your judgments
  • Heaven on Earth is here now
  • Right relationship with whatever shows up
  • Aloneness of the inner child
  • Taking responsibility for others
  • Self acceptance
  • Inner child meditation
  • Nurturing the inner child
  • Our true past and true future
  • Living moment to moment
  • Death and grieving
  • Nothing is ever born, nothing ever dies

Part 9: Saturday Afternoon, 79 minutes

  • Seeking love
  • Needs of the inner child
  • Ego’s resistance to Presence
  • Meditation and forgiveness
  • Meditation, Finding your way home
  • Expressing judgment
  • What is enlightenment?
  • Incarnation of the soul
  • Sharing Heaven on Earth
  • Awakening is both an ascent and descent into the center
  • Seeing the images and visions
  • God is at the very heart of silence within you
  • Collective awakening
  • The experience of Grace
  • The true mirror
  • The ego and the True Master

Part 10: Saturday Evening, 59 minutes

  • Going beyond shame
  • The cycle of abuse
  • Ego’s resistance to Presence
  • Dialogue with the ego
  • New job for the ego
  • Ego meditation
  • Ego’s motivational strategies
  • What happens to the ego when our body dies?
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • Distinction between mind and ego
  • Confession by the ego
  • Speaking from Presence
  • Feeling powerless
  • Opening into true power
  • The ego is your protector
  • Expressions of gratitude

Part 11: Sunday Morning - the end of the retreat, 103 min

  • Many expressions of love and gratitude
  • Right relationship with whatever shows up
  • Repentance
  • Healing of past abuse
  • The true nature of love
  • Opportunities for the awakening of human consciousness
  • Presence meditation
  • Guidance for leaving the retreat
  • Expressions of gratitude