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The Presence Experience


  • Each video reveals new, surprising and subtle keys to awakening and help you to recognize and overcome the hidden obstacles to awakening.
  • Many of these videos contain amazing healings that will touch you deeply and guide you in your own healing and release of the past, which will enable you to settle more deeply into the present moment.
  • These videos are filled with compassion, love, laughter, joy and a profound sense of Presence and Oneness.
  • When you view these videos, you will feel like you are at the retreat.

Mt Madonna Retreat May 2016 - The Presence Experience

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Video content

Part 1: Wednesday Evening ~ 72 minutes

Topics include:
  • Leonard welcomes the group
  • What it means to awaken
  • Being present
  • Coming out of hiding
  • What do you want from this retreat?
  • Presence and healing
  • Settling into the world of now
  • Exercising the choice to be present
  • Coming into right relationship from Presence
  • Stepping out of the story
  • Liberation from the cycle of abuse
  • What is the theme of your dream?
  • An alternative to suffering
  • Leonard offers guidance for sharing

Part 2: Thursday Morning ~ 48 minutes

Topics include:
  • About the retreat
  • Coming out of the dream
  • Swimming in the silence
  • Distinguishing between awakened Presence and mind/ego
  • Making a shift into Presence
  • Healing and releasing the past
  • Presence is the true master
  • Right relationship with the inner child
  • You are responsible for how you stay in your story

Part 3: Thursday Afternoon ~ 61 minutes

Topics include:
  • Finding our way home
  • Healing the inner child
  • The inner child meditation
  • Two songs for the inner child
  • Being all that you are and living life fully
  • Feeling the abundance of this moment
  • Expressing gratitude towards Leonard
  • Guilt, blame, and true responsibility
  • Sharing about the inner child meditation
  • Anxiety and feelings
  • The art of letting go
  • Leonard invites "the hiders" to participate

Part 4: Thursday Evening - 74 minutes

Topics include:
  • Expressing gratitude towards Leonard
  • Being present with children
  • The true parents
  • The rage meditation
  • The two-step path of awakening
  • The truth at the heart of all religions
  • Attunement to Presence
  • Revealing who you've become in your story
  • Bringing awareness to limiting beliefs from childhood
  • Opening into the truth of who you really are
  • Beyond success and failure
  • The worry meditation
  • Bringing consciousness to the ego's involvement in your life
  • Expressing yourself wholeheartedly

Part 5: Friday Morning ~ 47 minutes

Topics include:
  • You are love
  • I love you because I am love
  • The pursuit of substitute needs
  • Freedom from other peoples' stories
  • Motivational strategies of the ego
  • Freeing yourself from judgment
  • Beyond everything and nothing
  • A moment in Presence

Part 6: Friday Afternoon ~ 68 minutes

Topics include:
  • The way of the ego
  • Having the courage to be present
  • Finding the right question
  • Healing the inner child
  • Our stories are not that important
  • Sharing appreciation towards Leonard
  • The ego is waiting for the true master
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • The ego's bag of tricks
  • The true master
  • Reconciling the belief, "I don't want to be here"
  • Finding Heaven on Earth
  • God never goes away
  • Meditation with God

Part 7: Friday Evening ~ 52 minutes

Topics include:
  • Who benefits from awakening?
  • A new model for awakening
  • Right relationship with God
  • Returning to knowing what you want
  • Responding to feelings in the moment
  • Anger's message
  • True power
  • "The power cards"
  • Anger towards yourself
  • Looking into the true mirror

Part 8: Saturday Morning ~ 76 minutes

Topics include:
  • Making Presence your first priority
  • Liberating anger
  • The cause of suffering
  • Separation and Oneness
  • The story of Adam and Eve
  • Substitute needs
  • The pursuit of the substitute needs
  • The beggar meditation
  • New motivational strategies for the ego
  • The ego meditation

Part 9: Saturday Afternoon - 67 minutes

Topics include:
  • Revealing the story
  • Making Presence a priority
  • The true Savior
  • Experiencing Oneness
  • Being present and living in the world of time
  • The non-neurotic needs of Presence
  • "The woman with the brain tumor"
  • Leonard suggests going for a Presence walk
  • Expressions of love and gratitude
  • Forgiveness and repentance
  • The forgiveness meditation

Part 10: Saturday Evening - 44 minutes

Topics include:
  • Expressions of love and gratitude
  • Hearing the truth
  • The awakening of human consciousness
  • In Presence, there is no opposition

Part 11: Sunday Morning Closure ~ 61 minutes

Topics include:
  • Choosing who we want to be
  • Become a disciple of the present moment
  • "I don't know who I am. I just am."
  • Feeling the sadness of the inner child
  • Listening to the ego without judgment
  • Expressions of love and gratitude towards Leonard
  • Being all that you are
  • The present moment never goes away
  • The ego's surrender
  • Hugs and goodbyes