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Awakening from the Dream


  • Each video reveals new, surprising and subtle keys to awakening and help you to recognize and overcome the hidden obstacles to awakening.
  • Many of these videos contain amazing healings that will touch you deeply and guide you in your own healing and release of the past, which will enable you to settle more deeply into the present moment.
  • These videos are filled with compassion, love, laughter, joy and a profound sense of Presence and Oneness.
  • When you view these videos, you will feel like you are at the retreat.

Mt Madonna Retreat May 2018 - Awakening from the Dream

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Video content

Part 1: Wednesday Evening ~ 83 minutes

Topics include:
  • Leonard welcomes the group
  • When truly present, you are a fully awakened being
  • Freedom from the story
  • Becoming fundamentally grounded in Presence
  • Two steps to awakening
  • How are you are pulled out of the present moment?
  • Gently remembering to be present
  • From separation to Oneness
  • There is only one story
  • Trying to make the story better keeps you in the story
  • Guidance for attending the retreat
  • Setting intentions for the retreat
  • Not wanting to be here
  • Walking with a gentle rhythm
  • A gradual awakening
  • Learning how to forgive
  • A simple key to awakening
  • The “I AM” Presence
  • Reclaiming your voice
  • Commitment to Presence
  • Leonard speaks about his awakenings
  • Coming together in Oneness
  • This is it!
  • The Sacred Prayer

Part 2: Thursday Morning ~ 90 minutes

Topics include:
  • Your true home
  • Everything outside this moment is a dream
  • Repressed feelings from the past
  • The present moment is God revealed
  • Limiting beliefs formed in childhood
  • Pursuit of the substitute needs
  • The gift of Presence
  • Mastery of the mind and ego
  • Resistance of the ego
  • Denial of who you have become
  • Liberating repressed feelings
  • Free yourself from entanglement in others
  • Judgment
  • Coming out of isolation
  • Letting go of attachments from the past
  • Responsible expression of feelings
  • The fundamental choice
  • Activism from Presence
  • Lack of trust

Part 3: Thursday Afternoon ~ 97 minutes

Topics include:
  • Pain has a message
  • Learning to slow down
  • Cycle of abuse
  • Repentance meditation
  • Nothing ever happened
  • Nurturing the seed of Presence
  • Who have you become?
  • Distinction between Presence and the story
  • Judgment takes us into separation
  • To be present is to transcend your story
  • Freeing yourself from judgement
  • In Truth, there is no life outside of this moment
  • Thinking takes you out of Presence
  • Beyond belief
  • The inner child
  • Knowing arises in Presence
  • You are love
  • Meeting in Presence
  • Knowing God
  • Teachings of an awakened Jesus
  • The awakened dimension

Part 4: Thursday Evening - 56 minutes

Topics include:
  • Hate and anger turned inward
  • Responsible expression of feelings
  • Motivational strategies of the ego
  • Knowing what you want
  • Seeking bliss and ecstasy in the future
  • The tricks of the ego
  • Right relationship with the ego
  • Key questions concerning the ego
  • The ego is our friend and protector
  • The True Master within
  • The ego meditation
  • Gratitude and generosity
  • Reverence towards the trees and flowers

Part 5: Friday Morning ~ 89 minutes

Topics include:
  • The cycle of abuse
  • Confessing judgment
  • The original separation
  • The miracle of our existence
  • Clear guidance into Presence
  • Living up to others' expectations
  • Conscious parenting
  • The inner child meditation
  • Being friendly
  • Responsibility and guilt
  • Dialog with the ego
  • Paying attention from Presence
  • The Prayer
  • Helping others
  • Bringing love, acceptance and compassion to the inner child
  • The rage meditation

Part 6: Friday Afternoon ~ 88 minutes

Topics include:
  • Guidance for healers and helpers
  • Creating anxiety by focusing on the future
  • Presence and clear thinking
  • Being present is simple
  • The cycle of abuse
  • Needing someone to blame
  • Projecting the story onto others
  • Begging for love, acceptance and approval
  • Resolving entanglement in others
  • Feeling anger and hurt
  • The anger meditation
  • The judgment meditation
  • Transforming judgment
  • End of story
  • Seeing from deeper levels of Presence
  • Walking in Presence

Part 7: Friday Evening ~ 51 minutes

Topics include:
  • Expressions of gratitude for this teaching
  • Expressing yourself fully
  • A community of present beings
  • Concern for what others may think of you
  • Accepting the present moment as it is
  • Presence is transcendent of duality
  • Coming into the center
  • I think not, therefore I am
  • Unconscious beliefs formed in childhood
  • Expectations of parents
  • Speaking from empowered love
  • Collective human pain
  • Ocean of silence within
  • The personal expressing the impersonal
  • Out of balance in the world of duality
  • Our long journey through time

Part 8: Saturday Morning ~ 62 minutes

Topics include:
  • Expressions of gratitude
  • Releasing feelings of unworthiness
  • Awakening from the dream
  • The story won’t let you go
  • Running away from nothingness
  • Being present with trees
  • Beholding beauty
  • Self-doubt
  • Nobody knows anything
  • Feeling more empowered
  • Lost in beliefs
  • Past lives
  • Seeing through guilt
  • Activism from a place of Presence
  • Waking up out of suffering

Part 9: Saturday Afternoon - 93 minutes

Topics include:
  • Needing to be perfect
  • Learning the art of stopping
  • Staking your claim
  • Releasing parents from all responsibility
  • True Power and the power cards
  • You are a bubble of Presence
  • Thoughts that affect your life
  • Wanting not to be alone
  • Comforting the fearful inner child
  • Reluctance to come out of the story
  • Origins of separation in childhood
  • The soul’s journey
  • Realization of Oneness
  • The master lesson
  • Addiction to technology
  • Confessing expectation, resentment, anger and fear
  • Going beyond fear
  • Exploring the energy of judgment
  • Expression of love and gratitude

Part 10: Sunday Morning Closure ~ 95 minutes

Topics include:
  • Coming out of hiding
  • Entanglement in others
  • Many expressions of love and gratitude
  • God at the center of my being
  • Taking responsibility for entanglement in others
  • Bring more consciousness to the story
  • Supporting life in the world of time
  • Levels of responsibility
  • Choices and consequences
  • Equality in Presence
  • Right relationship from Presence
  • The ego’s dilemma
  • From Oneness into separation
  • We volunteered for this journey!
  • From the formless into form
  • Gratitude for this teaching and the teacher
  • Gratitude for Mary
  • Guidance for leaving the retreat
  • Goodbye hugs