A Silent Mind

Leonard Jacobson begins this talk by speaking about the truth, which becomes available to us as we settle fully into the present moment. He explains the fundamental choice we must make in order to live a truly awakened life.

Attunement To Presence

In this short video, Leonard guides viewers into a deep state of Presence. This is a great video to watch whenever you are in need of a present moment tune up. It is also supports you in becoming more fundamentally established in Presence.


Beyond the Story

In this video, Leonard describes how we are imprisoned within our story. He explains the awakening process and how we can free ourselves from the pain and limitations of the past.


The Invitation, Video webcast, July 5 2011

This is a recording of a live video webcast of a Leonard Jacobson Evening Teaching Session.


In Search of the Light - Chapter 1

This is a video of Leonard Jacobson narrating the first chapter of his children's picture book, "In Search of the Light." IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHT is a 32 page children's picture book for ages 3-93.


In Search Of The Light - Book Trailer

IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHT is a 32 page children's picture book for ages 3-93. It is Leonard's first children's book and is beautifully illustrated by Fiammetta Dogi, who lives in Florence, Italy.


Deepening into Presence

In this video, Leonard Jacobson offers guidance on how we can deepen into Presence and make the present moment the foundation of our lives. He identifies the story that the majority of humanity is lost in and explains how we can free ourselves from this world of illusion and truly be here.


The Ego's Surrender

Leonard Jacobson reveals the conditions which are necessary for the ego to relax and surrender to the True Master arising from within.


The Two Dimensions Of Ego

Leonard Jacobson explains how we leave the present moment, become imprisoned by thought forms and function in the world as egos. He describes a second level of ego, which is completely independent of us and reveals the way to overcome its dominance in our lives.


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