Leonard's books have been translated into eight languages and published in numerous countries including Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Spain. 

Journey into Now: Clear Guidance on the Path of Spiritual Awakening

With perfect precision, the author guides the reader along a path of awakening which leads to liberation from the pain and limitations of the past into the joyful and unlimited world of Now. This book reveals, in the simplest way, how to still the mind and become fully present and awake in the truth of life. Perhaps the most important aspect of this book is the author's unique insight into the nature of the mind and ego. He describes in detail how the ego's resistance to Presence is the primary obstacle to awakening and how we can overcome that resistance in a simple and effective way. Each page of this book reveals a part of the mystery. There are hidden keys to awakening on every page. It is like a road map home.

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Life Beyond the Ego: A New Beginning for Humanity

At this stage of the human journey, almost everyone is living at a very limited level of consciousness. At this level of consciousness, the ego has a significant and limiting effect on our lives. It maintains us in a world of illusion and separation. In this book, the author provides a concise summary of his teaching on awakening. A key element of the teaching and the primary focus of this book is to reveal the true nature of the ego and how to overcome its negative influence upon us. The author has a remarkable ability to dialogue with the ego and many of these dialogues are included in the book. He provides answers to questions about the ego, which are long overdue in the context of awakening. What is the ego? What is its role in your life? How does it affect your life and relationships? How does it function? Why does it resist you becoming present? And most importantly, how can you overcome its resistance? Until you come into a right relationship with the ego, you cannot truly awaken. To awaken into Presence and free yourself from the control and limitations of the ego will transform your life. It will feel like a new beginning!

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Bridging Heaven & Earth: A Return to Oneness

Bridging Heaven & Earth is intended to awaken you. To read this simple, yet powerful and challenging book is to embark upon a journey of awakening, which will touch you deeply and bring fullness and completion into your life. The author takes us on a mystical tour of human consciousness, covering such diverse topics as liberation from the mind and ego, awakening into Presence, the soul s journey, the soul s lessons, keys to spiritual awakening, the universal laws of life, the essential nature of Being, Christ consciousness, God consciousness, the eternal dilemma of God, and so much more. This book is about healing and releasing a painful and limited past. It is about learning how to be more present in your life. It is about freeing yourself from the mind and the tyranny of the ego. It is about discovering your true purpose in being here. It is about finding true fulfillment. It is about awakening to a higher level of consciousness. It is about love, freedom and power. It is about Oneness, God and Heaven revealed on Earth. 

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Words from Silence: An Invitation to Spiritual Awakening

This powerful book reveals the basic tenets of Leonard Jacobson's approach to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Each page is a lyrically beautiful expression of an essential truth. Zen-like in its simplicity, it communicates directly with the heart and soul of the reader, gently inviting a response from the deepest levels of Being.

This book is best read cover to cover, and then picked up again from time to time, choosing passages at random. Each reading will elicit different responses from the reader, sometimes challenging, sometimes provocative, sometimes deeply reassuring and affirming. This book is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced seekers on the spiritual path.

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Liberating Jesus: What would Jesus say if he returned today?

Liberating Jesus began as a play, became a movie and is now this book. It is a book about Jesus. Who was he really? What was his true mission upon this planet? What is the true meaning of his words? What happened during the crucifixion? What has happened to him since his death upon the cross? How is his teaching still relevant to the awakening of human consciousness?

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Embracing the Present: Living an Awakened Life (Revised Edition)

Embracing the Present shines a bright light upon the path of awakening. With profound simplicity, the author leads us through the maze of the mind into the real and illumined world of the present moment. Not only does he reveal how to be fully present, but he shares many of the hidden keys to awakening. The present moment, he tells us, is the doorway to Oneness, God, and Heaven on Earth.  It is the true source of love, truth, power, and freedom. He writes in a simple and poetic style which speaks to the heart and soul of the reader. To read this book is to embark upon a mystical journey which will touch you deeply and rapidly accelerate your awakening.

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In Search of the Light

Spiritual teacher Leonard Jacobson shares some of the secrets to finding inner joy and happiness in this beautifully illustrated story which helps children to overcome fear and judgment and find that quiet inner place of peace and silence. Come on a journey of discovery with Ned the Horse, Peter Rabbit, Bert the brave little Bumblebee and Molly Mouse as they set off in search of the light.

Guided by the wind, our reluctant heroes pass through the forest of fear, eventually finding their way to a land where nothing seems right. Following instructions given to them by several wise characters they meet along the way, they discover a path which leads them straight to the source of the light. When they find what they are searching for, they are so amazed that they laugh and dance with joy and delight.


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Journey Into Now Danish Edition
Rejsen Ind I Nuet

Fra bogens bagside:

Rejsen ind i nuet er en af de sjældne bøger som kan forvandle vores liv og løfte os op på et helt nyt bevidsthedsplan. 

Leonard Jacobson guider klart og tydeligt læseren på vejen til en opvågnen der fører til befrielse fra fortidens smerte og begrænsninger og ind i nuets glædesfyldte og grænseløse verden. Bogen viser på en enkel måde hvordan vi stilner sindet og bliver fuldt nærværende og vågne over for det sande liv.

Det vigtigste aspekt ved denne bog er dog måske forfatterens enestående indsigt i sindets og egoets natur. Han beskriver detaljeret egoets modstand mod nærvær i nuet som den største forhindrig for vores opvågnen og hvordan vi enkelt og effektivt kan overvinde den modstand.

Han giver os indsigt i de dybeste spørgsmål som vi er nødt til at forholde os til hvis vi virkelig vil friheden. Han taler om sjælens rejse på e måde som sætter hele vores eksistens i perspektiv og forvandler problemer og vanskeligheder til muligheder for at vågne op.

Hver side i denne bog afdækker en lille del af mysteriet. Det er som at følge et kort hvor vejen på rejsen til nuet bliver tegnet ind.


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Journey Into Now Polish Edition

Co pewien czas ukazuje się książka, która może odmienić nasze życie i przenieść nas na zupełnie nowy poziom świadomości. „Podróż do TERAZ” jest niewątpliwie jedną z takich ksiązek. Autor z niezwykłą precyzją prowadzi czytelnika po ścieżce przebudzenia, która wiedzie od bólu i ograniczeń nałożonych przez przeszłość, ku wyzwoleniu, oraz radosnej i nieskończonej przestrzeni tego co jest TERAZ. Książka pokazuje najprostszą drogę do uciszenia umysłu oraz bycia w pełni świadomym swojej obecności w prawdzie życia. Autor będąc przewodnikiem ku chwili obecnej, zagłębia się w tajemnicę naszego istnienia. Odsłania ukryty klucz do oświecenia. Umożliwia wgląd w najbardziej podstawowe kwestie, którym musimy stawić czoła, jeśli chcemy odzyskać wewnętrzną wolność. Mówi o wędrówce duszy w sposób, który stawia całe życie w nowej perspektywie, a zarazem pokazuje jak przeistoczyć problemy i trudności w szanse na przebudzenie. Prawdopodobnie najistotniejszą cechą książki jest unikalny wgląd dotyczący natury umysłu i ego. Autor opisuje w szczegółach, w jaki sposób ego stawia opór teraźniejszości oraz pokazuje jak w prosty i skuteczny sposób ów opór zakończyć. Każda strona tej książki odsłania rąbek tajemnicy, odkrywa ukryte klucze do przebudzenia. Jest niczym mapa drogi prowadzącej do domu.

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Journey Into Now Japanese Edition

スピリチュアルな目覚めへの明確な手引き 新訳版

レナード・ジェイコブソン 著
コックスリツコ、アントニーコックス 共訳


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