Deep Presence Workshops - (Zoom)

Join Leonard for an experience in deep Presence. Discover the mystery of our existence, the soul’s journey, our true purpose in being here and the transformative power of Presence.

When: June 16th, 2024
Where: Private Zoom Meeting
Time: 11am - 12:15pm Eastern US Time
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Provence, Heaven On Earth Retreat

Join Leonard on this week-long residential retreat in the stunning region of Provence, France, where he will guide you into the direct experience of "Heaven on Earth."

This is a "residential retreat," and all guests will stay at the RĂ©sidence Les Belles Hueres, located in the small village of Roaix, part of the CĂ´te du RhĂ´ne wine region and close to the famous Mount Ventoux in Vacluse.

When: Saturday, Sept 28th - Oct 5th, 2024
Where: Roaix, France

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