The Keys to Awakening

A comprehensive online course that will guide you on the path of Awakening.

Learn how to integrate awakened consciousness into your everyday life and relationships. As you become more present, you transcend your story. As you transcend your story, you transform your story in the most positive way.


Join Leonard Jacobson for the Keys to Awakening
Where You Will Learn To...


  • Become instantly present without effort or practice
  • Know and recognize the difference between
  • Presence and being lost in the illusory world of the thinking mind
  • Identify all the obstacles that pull you out of the present moment
  • Heal and release the past so you are more and more present
  • Come into right relationship with the ego, and live more in Presence
  • Come into right relationship with the inner child to relax and feel safe
  • Heal and release limiting beliefs from the past
  • Liberate the reservoirs of repressed emotions
  • Express yourself more fully and authentically


Become a True Master of the Mind and Ego.
Open Into Deeper Levels of Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Oneness.

Being Present Is a Fundamental Key to True Awakening.

The Keys to Awakening Is a Comprehensive Online Course in Two Parts.

You will receive two 1-hour teaching sessions plus a Bonus Q&A Video.
Leonard introduces the importance of knowing the Keys to Awakening, and focuses on Step One of the teaching - being present. Leonard discusses the true meaning of Awakening and the nature of the mind; including the origins of childhood programming and the formation of our limiting beliefs.

Leonard then touches on how we can develop right relationship with the inner child. He explains how to bring everything to consciousness and move from duality to Oneness.

You will discover the true test of Presence, and experience a guided Presence meditation.
Leonard continues to reveal the Keys to Awakening, with a focus on Mastery, the second step of the teaching. He speaks of the invitation to be present that is available to us all, in each moment, and describes how this is an embodied experience.

In exploring Step Two, we are asked to bring our story to consciousness, for example, by revealing each of the ways we pursue substitute needs and find ourselves caught in the energy of judgment. Leonard speaks of the ego, its 'bag of tricks' and ultimate test. We are asked, "Who have you become?" as he discusses right relationship with feelings and how we lose ourselves in others.

In closing, Leonard describes the powerful and profound fundamental choice that is available to each and every one of us.

The Keys to Awakening


You will receive:
  • The Keys to Awakening - a comprehensive online course in 2 parts, that will guide you on the path of Awakening
  • Bonus Q&A Video Teaching with Leonard JacobsonĀ filmed during a 5-day residential retreat at Mt Madonna, California

Receive a Bonus Q&A Video Teaching Filmed at Leonards Most Popular Retreat.

Topics include:

  • What is truly at the heart of humans?
  • How to heal a painful past?
  • Is healing also available for the soul?
  • What keeps me safe or protected?
  • What calls us to awaken?
  • How to set boundaries without judgment?
  • How do you know you speak the truth?
  • How do I know when I experience God, Oneness, and Love?