Free Video Collection

A Message from Leonard

Over the past several years, we have been recording our events, and until now, there has been a small fee to watch these videos. However, the whole point of recording these events is to make the teaching as widely available as possible. I have decided to make these videos available for free. We will be posting additional videos monthly.

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Profoundly Present
How Do We Maintain Presence in Our Day to Day Life?
A Simple Truth
A New Foundation for Your Life
Choice and Consequence
Instant Presence! Meditation
Presence As Your First Priority
The Final Step
Fear of Nothingness
Presence, Gratitude and Generosity
Consciousness Manifested Into Form
A Clip From Mt Madonna 2009 Retreat "The Simplicity of Being"
The Experience of Grace
Equality in Presence
There is Only One I AM
Comparing Yourself to Others
Disciple of the Present Moment
Master the Art of Flow
You Are Already an Awakened Being