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A Message from Leonard

Over the past several years, we have been recording our events, and until now, there has been a small fee to watch these videos. However, the whole point of recording these events is to make the teaching as widely available as possible. I have decided to make these videos available for free. We will be posting additional videos monthly. If you enjoy the videos, we invite you to consider making a donation through our online store. Of course, that is up to you. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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There is Only One I AM

There is only one I Am. Eternal, silent Presence.


In Silence, the Truth is Known

The Presence that you are is silent. You’re aware of everything. But you don’t leave the center.


Comparing Yourself to Others

You are a unique individual. Comparison is a form of judgment. When the energy of comparison arises, you just notice that from Presence.


Oneness is Restored

The flower brings to you the gift of Presence. You bring to it the gift of Presence. The flower is one part, you are the other part.


Choice and Consequence

When the acorn is planted, its ultimate destiny as an oak tree is assured.


You Are Already an Awakened Being

You’re already a fully-awakened eternal being, who dwells fundamentally and fully in the moment of Now.