Join Leonard for an experience in deep Presence. Discover the mystery of our existence, the soul’s journey, our true purpose in being here and the transformative power of Presence.

on June 16, 2024
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Join Leonard for an experience in deep Presence. Discover the mystery of our existence, the soul’s journey, our true purpose in being here and the transformative power of Presence.

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When We Come Together in Presence,
We Open Into Oneness.

The focus of our monthly Zoom meetings is on being more deeply present. Leonard will also cover such diverse topics as healing the past, freedom from judgment, overcoming the resistance of the ego, right relationship with our feelings, the soul’s journey, and other topics that reveal the origin and mystery of our existence. These sessions are life transforming.
In this series of 75-minute online sessions you will have the opportunity to ask Leonard questions and receive one-on-one guidance. Leonard cuts directly to the heart of what is keeping you out of Presence or what is in need of healing from the past.
Sessions will be organic in nature and focused on deepening into Presence.
In this retreat-level experience you will leave with a feeling of deep peace. You will feel inspired, supported and encouraged on your journey of awakening.

Next Date: June 16th

  •  8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK

Cost: $37.00 per session

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to join us live, a link to the replay will be emailed to you afterwards and will be available to watch for the following 10 days.

Ask Leonard

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Please be aware that Leonard will do his best to answer your questions during the meeting. 

“Everything that occurs in your life is an opportunity for awakening.”

Hear What People Are Saying From Our Previous Deep Presence Meetings

Iona, California

"This teaching, for me, is so direct and simple, and has been a great guiding light in my own life and my own experience. Having the opportunity for these meetings on Zoom is a lovely blessing and my life is bathed in presence, reminders and recalibrations, that permeate it with more presence, acceptance and self-acceptance, and are deeply relaxing on so many levels."

 Tess, California

"Once again, this session of deep Presence has brought me more deeply into Presence than I have been able to go on my own. I'm still in and out of my story a lot; without these sessions I'm unsure how I would maintain this level of Presence. It is lifesaving."

David, Tennessee

"I love spending time in Deep States of Presence with Leonard and our awaken community. I always go into very deep and blissful sates. Thank you for bringing us all together to further our individual and collective awakening. May we all continue to be blessed and live in deep states of love, joy and Presence."


"It is a treasured honor to be able to participate in these deep presence meetings. I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunity. Each new session opens me up to more & deeper presence in the moment & in my life as a whole. Truly a special and important blessing. Thank you!"

Donya, California

"Of all the self-help practices I've ever tried, and there were many, the two-step path of awakening that Leonard teaches has been the one that has stuck with me and changed my life in deep authentic ways. I'm so grateful to him for sharing this beautiful teaching. The deep presence sessions with Leonard and community, open my heart and are a wonderful way to remember presence."

Indira, Great Britain

"It was a beautiful experience to be in Presence in with Leonard, it has always been that way for me. As soon I join in the session I feel his beautiful presence and it helps me to relax and feel calmness and presence. Thank you so much Leonard."


"I find the Deep Presence zoom meetings with Leonard really, really helpful. Recently I had been feeling stuck hopeless helpless a lot of the time. I was having health issues. Last Sundays session has renewed my commitment to presence. Instead of seeing everything thing as a problem as I had been inclined to do, I feel love and gratitude. The more I feel grateful the more I have to be grateful for. I feel so blessed to have Leonard and this wonderful community in my life. Much love to all."

Jane, California

"I have been very fortunate to have met Leonard 's teaching three years ago. Since then Presence become deeper and deeper in me. I'm forever grateful of Leonard and his team who made all this happen. Thank you so much đź’—. When I become more and more Present I find less words form in my mind."