Who Is Enlightened?

In order to maintain the awakened state of consciousness, we cannot become identified with whatever we are experiencing, including peak experiences. Beyond all experience is the one experiencing.

If I am experiencing peace, then I must ask, “Who is experiencing peace?”

The answer is “I am"

If I am experiencing bliss, then I must ask, “Who is experiencing bliss?”

The same answer. “I am.”

If I declare myself enlightened, I must ask, “Who is enlightened.”

Once again, the answer is “I am.”

If I declare myself a Buddha, I must ask “Who is a Buddha?”

“I am.”

Each time, you ask that question, it will take you to a deeper level of Presence, transcendent of all experience. You will move beyond the experience to the one who is experiencing, which is the pure state of “I am.” It is a state of pure consciousness. It is the awakened state of Presence. Silence. Infinite, eternal silence! Nothingness!

“Who is experiencing nothingness?”

“I am”

“Who is I am?”

“I am.”